Multidimensional approach to stage design

Who we are? We are light sound and laser scenographers. 

What do we call laser scenography?

Laser scenography represents a multidimensional approach to stage design that encompasses technical innovation, artistic expression, and philosophical inquiry. It holds the promise of creating captivating and thought-provoking experiences for audiences.


Scenograph implies a heightened focus on the visual aspects of the production. Light Sound Laser technology offers unique opportunities for creating immersive environments, manipulating light sound laser and space in ways that traditional set design cannot achieve.

Who are laser scenographers?

A laser scenographer is a person who combines the knowledge and ability of a laser painter, laser artist, laser engineer and colour-musician.

What are we doing?

Nothing out of the ordinary. We are designing and building Laser Roofs of Heaven.

Laser Scenography: the joy of creation of a new laser presence, environment, space and immersion. Special laser surroundings of any complexity.
Powerful POTENTIAL of a Laser-Show.
Why are most of the so-called laser – shows similar to each other? Because, unfortunately, their “creators”, can operate only buttons: switch on or switch off. The manufacturer made a fool of them. Having taken away the smallest opportunity of creativity, he has left them only one function to be the attendants. From this point of view, we may discover that modern perception is rather mechanical. Art of laser–show, as well as any other art, demands the dramatist, the artist, the director, and even the operator as a creative unit, instead of the operator – robot turning the lever to the left and to the right according to the using instructions. The given genre of modern art (because it has already received so various and powerful technical arsenal at its disposal!) should be produced by physics and lyrics just in one. 

21-st century multidisciplinary training

From Malevich, Kandinsky, through Moholy-Nagy to fulldome cosmic art. Light Laser Color Sound goes artistic (Concept by Daniel A. Freedman)

Training, courses, seminars, master classes. Topics: laser painting, light painting, laser design, laser show, laser interference show, laser diffraction show, light and music show, artistic light projection, theater lights, movie light effects, therapeutic light and music theater, relaxation room, meditation light and musical theater, full-dome laser show, sound theater, city light installations, city laser installations, city sound installations.

Creation of New Light. ScenoGraph in brief words means scenography, stage lighting, laser design, laser show, laser design, lux aeterna, lux aeterna theatre, planetarium, dome, full-dome art, scenic design, sound design, the art of light, the art of sound, rear-screen art, screen art, panoramic screen art, multiplex cinema screen art, laser theatre, light-music, colour-music.